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Welcome to the Texas Bands Honor Board. This is a "board in progress." With the help of band directors who read and
post on The Yellow Board, I am attempting to construct a reference site for information and research.  Scroll down to view
Texas Bands that have accomplished distinction by recognition as a TMEA Honor Band, Sudler Winner, in nationally
recognized parade appearances, (such as the Rose Bowl Parade, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and Orange Bowl
Parade) and Midwest Bands and Orchestra Clinic performances. To submit a band, program, or event involving a Texas
Band for recognition to The Honor Board, or to sponsor The Honor Board, please contact Steve Hankins at:  
TMEA Honor Band Winners and Information
4A-5A TMEA Honor Band Winners

2006-Friendswood High School, Gregory Dick
2005- Duncanville, Tom Shine & Brian Merrill
2004- Lopez , George Trevino
2003- Langham Creek, Scott McAdow
2002- J.J. Pearce, Peter Warshaw
2001- Westfield, Philip Geiger
2000- Keller, Mark McGahey
1999- Duncanville, Tom Shine & Brian Merrill
1998- Coppell, Scott Mason
1997- The Colony, Dick Clardy
1996- Dickinson, Greg Goodman
1995- Clements, Larry Matysiak
1994- Leander, Dennis Hopkins
1993- Haltom, Greg Hull
1992- Georgetown, Rodney Klett
1991- Berkner, Robert Floyd
1990- Little Cypress-Mauriceville, Nelson Nolden
1989- Westfield, Philip Geiger
1988- Dickinson, Donnie Owens
1987- Berkner, Robert Floyd
1986- Jacksonville, Bob Parsons
1985- J.J. Pearce, Tom Bennett
1984- Georgetown, Rodney Klett & Ray Meza
1983- Richardson, Scott Taylor
1982- Westlake, Gerald Babbit
1981- Pearland, Jack Farris (first “5A” honor band)
1980-Georgetown High School, Rodney Klett
1979- Midland Lee, Van Ragsdale
1978- Westlake, Lee Boyd Montgomery
1977- Richardson, Howard Dunn
1976- Monahans, Dan Gibbs
1975- Permian, Charles Nail
1974- Berkner, Robert Floyd
1973- Lake Highlands, Eddie Green
1972- Monahans, Dan Gibbs
1971- L.D. Bell, Roger Winslow
1970- Canyon, Gary Zook
1969- McAllen, L. M. Snavely
1968- Hereford, Ben Gollehon
1967- LaMarque, George Walters
1966- Snyder, Mel Montgomery
1965- Brownsville, Robert Vezzetti
1964- LaMarque, George Walters
1963- Permian High School, J.R. McEntyre
1962 - Weslaco, Marion Busby, director
1961 - Spring Branch, Wade Pogue, director
1960 - Weslaco, Marion Busby, director
TMEA 3A Honor Band Winners and Information

2005 Program-Canyon, Mike Sheffield
Ride - Samuel Hazo
Sleep - Eric Whitacre
Ritual Dances - Shawn Okpebholo
Military March In D Major - Beethoven/Bourgeouis
Concerto for Solo Percussion and Wind Ensemble, mvmt 3 - Ziek
Into the Peaceful Unknown - Gabriel Musella
Windsprints - Richard Saucedo

2004 3A Honor Band-Canyon, Mike Sheffield
Daughters of Texas - Sousa/Fennell
A Movement for Rosa - Mark Camphouse
Variations on a Theme of Robert Schumann - Jager

2003 Program-Canton, Rob Toups
2002 3A Honor Band-Canton, Rob Toups

Cleveland High School
Johnathan Kelly, Director

Shepherd's Hey-Grainger/Rogers
Second Suite in F-Holst

English Folk Song Suite-Vaughn Williams
Army of the Nile-Alford
Concerto Opus 8 for Horn and Band-Strauss/Yeago
Joyce's 71st Regiment-Boyer/Lake
The Yellow Rose of Texas Variations-Buckley
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace-Williams/Smith

1999 Program-Monahans, Tony Gibbs
Olympic Fanfare and Theme, James Curnow
As Summer Was Just Beginning, Larry D. Daehn
For the New Day Arisen, Steven Barton
Lonely Beach (Normandy, 1944), James Barnes
A Childhood Hymn, David Holsinger
The Fountainhead, Stephen Melillo
I.  Integrity's First Stand
V.  Dynamiting Cortland
II.  Form and Function
1998-Monahans, Tony Gibbs
Semper Fidelis, John Philip Sousa
Shepherd's Hey, Percy Grainger
Stormworks, Stephen Melillo
I.  Timestorm
II.  Before the Storm
III.  Into the Storm

1997 Program-New Boston, James Coffman
1996-New Boston, James Coffman
1995 Program-
1994 3A Honor Band-

Elgin High School, Van Henry director
1993 Tape
"Gallito" Lopes
"Sarabande and Polka" Arnold
"Havendance" Holsinger
1994 Honor Band Performance
"Firework" Van Der Roost
"Eastern Intermezzo" Grainger/Warshaw
"With Pleasure" Sousa
"Spanish Variants" Daniels
"Japanese Tune" Konigawa
"Whip and Spur" Allen/Cramer

1992 3A Honor Band-
1991 Program-
1990 3A Honor Band-Crane, Scott Mason
1989 Program-
1988 3A Honor Band-Brownfield

1987 Program-Van, Kenneth Griffin
Our Glorious Land - Joseph Olivadoti
The Black Knight - Clare Grundman
Concert Variations - Claude Smith
Flourish for Wind Band - Raph Vaughn Williams
Old Scottish Melody - Charles A. Wiley
Concerto in C Major (Alecia Griffin, oboe soloist) - Joseph Haydn
Festa! - Elliot Del Borgo
1986 3A Honor Band - Van, Kenneth Griffin
Pentland Hills
Prelude & Fugue in Bb Major
Italian in Algiers

1985 Program-Willis, Wendy Marquart
Bells, Ian McDougall
The Squealer, Will Huff
Symphony No. 3 Finale (excerpts) Mahler/Jim Reynolds
Hot Trombone, Henry Fillmore
Hymn of St. James, Reber Clark
Gershwin!, Warren Barker          
America, the Beautiful, Samuel Ward/ Carmen Dragon
1984 3A Honor Band-Willis, Wendy Marquart
In Storm & Sunshine  , JC Heed
Irish Tune from County Derry, Grainger
English Folk Song Suite, Ralph Vaughan Williams

1983 Program-
1982 3A Honor Band-Willis, Wendy Marquart

1981 Program-Woodville, Barry Johnson
The Thin Red Line
American Overture for Band
Variations Sur Un Air Du Pays D'oc
Scott Deppe, Soloist
Russell Cronin, Conductor
Chorale and Alleluia
The Impresario
Americans We
1980 3A Honor Band-Woodville, Barry Johnson (first year
for 3A)
Eagle Squadron
Sea Portrait

1979 Program-Bellville, Robert McElroy
1978 3A Honor Band- Bellville, Robert McElroy
1977 Program-(drops to 2A somewhere in here)
1976 2A Honor Band-
1975 Program-
1974 2A Honor Band-
1973 Program-
1972 2A Honor Band-Westlake, Lee Boyd Montgomery
1971 Program-
1970 2A Honor Band-
1969 Program-
1968 2A Honor Band
1967 Program - NO PROGRAM (Neil Grant resigned to take the
job, so White Oak did not play at TMEA)
1966 2A Honor Band- White Oak, Neil Grant
Peter Schmoll Overture
4A-5A Honor Band Program

J.J. Pearce High School-Tom Bennett, Director
1984 Entry
Glory of the Yankee Navy - Sousa
Jupiter, from The Planets - Holst
Symphony in Bb flat - Hindemith

1985 Concert
Festmusik der Stadt Wien - R. Strauss
Handel in the Strand - Grainger, arr. Goldman
Irish Tune from County Derry - Grainger
Royal Fireworks Music - Handel, arr. Malcolm Helm
Soirees Musicales - Rossini/Britten/Brown
Rodeo - Copland
Buckaroo Holiday - arr. J. Sudduth
Saturday Night Waltz - arr. T. Bennett
Hoedown - arr. M. Rogers
March from Symphonic Metamorphosis -
Hindemith, arr. Wilson

Haltom High School – Greg Hull, Director
1992 5A Honor Band Entry
1. On Parade March – Sousa
2. Variations and Fugue – Gainnini
3. Overture to The School for Scandal –

1993 Honor Band Performance
1. Festivo – Gregson
2.Variations on a theme by Robert Shumann – Jager
3. Handel in the Strand – Grainger/Goldman
4. Festal Scenes – Ito
5. When the Stars Begin to Fall – Allen
6. Rifle Regiment March – Sousa

CLEMENTS HS – Larry Matysiak, Director

1999 5A Honor Band Entry
1. The Glory of the Yankee Navy
2. Sinfonietta for Band Mvt. I & III – Dahl
3. Jupiter – Holst
1995 Honor Band Performance
1. Gavorkna Fanfare – Stamp
2. Bellpiece – Grainger
3. The Solitary Dancer – Benson
4. Signature – Van der Roost
5. Down a Country Lane – Copland/Patterson
6. Finale; Symphony No. 2 – Ives/Elkus
7. The Boys of the Old Brigade – Chambers

DUNCANVILLE HS – Tom Shine & Brian Merrill,

1998 5A Honor Band Entry

1. Gory of the Yankee Navy – Sousa/Fennell
2. Laboring Songs – Welcher
3. Symphony in Bb – Hindemith

1999 Honor Band Performance
1. Pegasus from “The Spirit Sleeping” – Gibson
2. Resting in the Peace of His Hands – Gibson
3. Tocatta and Fugue in d minor – Bach/Hindsley
4. Laboring Songs – Welcher
5. Fete-Dieu A Seville – Albeniz/Cailliet
6. Daughters of Texas – Sousa
7. Colas Breugnon – Kabalevsky/Hunsberger

KELLER HS – Mark McGahey, Director

1999 4A Honor Band Entry

1. March Op. 99 – Prokofeiff/Yoder
2. La Procession du Rocio – Turina/Reed
3. Profanation – Bernstein/Bencriscutto

2000 Honor Band Performance

1. Early Light – Bremer
2. A Longford Legend – Sheldon
3. Shenandoah – Ticheli
4. Morceau De Concert – Saint-Saens/Nelson
5. Overture to Candide – Bernstein/Grundman
6. The Battle of Shiloh – Barnhouse/Paynter

WESTFIELD HS – Philip Geiger, Director

2000 5A Honor Band Entry

1. Solid Men to the Front – Sousa/Fennell
2. Variants of a Mediaeval Tune – Dello Joio
3. Symphony in Bb – Hindemith

2001 Honor Band Performance

1. Commando March – Barber
2. Pastorale – Williams
3. Masquerade for Band – Persichetti
4. Carmen Fantasy – Bizet/Walker
5. Postcard – Ticheli
6. Boys of the Old Brigade – Chambers
7. Nessun Dorma – Puccini/Patterson
8. Shepherd’s Hey – Grainger/Rogers

LANGHAM CREEK HS – Scott McAdow Director

2002 5A Honor Band Entry

1. Geschwindmarch – Beethoven/Hindemith
2. Overture to The School for Scandel – Barber
3. Music for Prague 1968 – Husa
2003 Honor Band Performance
1. Thunder and Blazes – Fucik-Laurendeau/Seredy
2. Simple Gifts – Ticheli
3. The Firebird Suite – Stravinsky/Patterson
4. Carmen Fantasy – Bizet/Walker
5. Mock Morris – Grainger/Simpson
6. Chester Leaps In – Bryant
7. Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral –

LOPEZ HS - George Trevino, director

2003 4A Honor Band Entry

Gum-suckers March - Grainger
Heroes, Lost and Fallen - Gillingham
Overture to Candide - Bernstein/Grundman

2004 Honor Band Performance

Commando March - Barber
"Arrival Platform Humlet" from In A Nutshell Suite
- Grainger/Guajardo
Symphony No. 6 for Band, Op. 69 - Persichetti
Hats Off to Thee - Zdechlik
Clarinet Concerto mvt. 3, Charabanc - Ellerby
Transmission from Soundings - McTee
Variations on America - Ives/Schuman

DUNCANVILLE HS – Tom Shine & Brian Merrill,

2004 5A Honor Band Entry

1. Navigation Inn – Sparke
2. Circus Overture – Shuman/Owen
3. Appalachian Spring – Copland/Patterson

2005 Honor Band Performance

1. Paris Sketches Mvt. I – Ellerby
2. Bell-Piece – Grainger
3. Johannesburg Festival Overture –
4. Love Scene from “La Boheme” – Puccini/Patterson
5. Symphony No. 5 Mvt. II – Prokofiev/Beck
6. Easter Monday on the White House Lawn –
7. Roman Carnival Overture – Berlioz/Patterson

JJ Pearce 2002 HONOR Band Concert
, Peter Warshaw

2001 entry
Nobles of the Mystic Shrine - Sousa
Eastern Intermezzo - Grainger, trans. Warshaw
La Fiesta Mexicana - Reed

2002 Program
Solo de Concours    Messger, Andre / Reisteter  
Symphonic Metamorphosis     Hindemith, Paul /
Wilson, K     
Suite Francaise     Milhaud     
The Alcotts     Ives / Thurston     
The Courier Journal     Griffith, R     
The Merry King  Grainger, Percy / Rogers, Mark  
Carol of the Shepherds  Sparke, Philip
The Star Spangled Banner    Key, F / Stamp, Jack

The Colony High School
Dick Clardy, Director

1996 entry:
Children's March-Grainger
School for Scandal-Barber/Hudson
Symphony in Bb (I, II, III)-Hindemith

1997 Honor Band Performance

Pacific Celebration Suite, mvt. 1, Parade - Nixon
Zion - Welcher
Marche Militaire Francaise from Suite Algerienne -
Sinfonietta, mvt. 1, Introduction and Rondo - Dahl
Chanson de Matin (op. 15 no. 2) - Elgar/de Meij
March, Op. 99 - Prokofiev
Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral -
Shepherd's Hey - Grainger
Variants on a Medieval Tune - Dello Joio


1994 entry:
Rolling Thunder-Fillmore
Sketches on a Tudor Psalm-Tull
Symphonic Metamorphosis
(I, II, III, IV)-Hindemith/Wilson

TMEA Performance:
American Fanfare-Wasson
Passacaglia (Homage on B-A-C-H)
for Band-Nelson
Lonely Beach (Normandy, 1944)-Barnes
Salvation is Created-Tachesnokoff /Houseknecht
To Tame the Perilous Skies-Holsinger

Berkner High School-1987

Symphony #6, 4th mvt, Piston/Wood
Colonial Song, Grainger
Mock Morris, Grainger
Hoch-Und Deutchmeister-Marsh, Ertl/Rundel
Sinfonia #5, Broege
Prologue from West Side Story, Bernstein
Savannah River Holiday, Nelson
TMEA Middle School Honor Bands

1982-Class CC
Byrd Middle School, Duncanville ISD
Donna Strain/Verda Shine - Directors

The Black Horse Troop - Sousa
October Mountain - Hovhaness
Overture to the Impresario - Mozart/Barnes
Azrael from the "Crucifixus" - Lotti/Reed
Concerto for Trombones - Leyden
Battle Hymn of the Republic - Claude Smith

1993- Class CC
Griffin Middle School Symphonic Band
John Benzer, Director

1992 Submissions:
True Blue, KL King
Color, 1, 3, 4, Bob Margolis
Fortress, Frank Ticheli

1993 Honor Band Concert

Manetee Lyric Overture, Sheldon
Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie, Margolis
The Gladiator March, Sousa, (Tom Bennett conductor)
Sonata in C Minor 3, 4, Telemann/Allen
Suite Provencale 1, 2, 3, 4, Van der Roost

1993 Class C
Spring Hill 8th Grade Band
Spring Hill ISD, Longview
Scott Deppe, Director

Gallant Marines--K.L. King
Three on the Isle--Hugh Stuart
Three Kentucky Sketches--John O'Reilly
Ashokan Farewell--Jay Ungar/Paul Lavendar
Kaleidos--Anne McGinty

1992 Honor Band Submissions:
Valley Forge--K.L. King
Greenwillow Portrait--Mark Williams
Caprice--William Himes

1993-1994 Class CCC
Space Center Intermediate School Symphonic Band
Gregory Dick, Director
Charles Willis, Assistant

1994 Submission:
March for a Festival, Akers
Fantasy on Barbaea Allen, Allen
Colonial Airs and Dances, Jager

1995 Honor Band Concert

Festivity - A Celebration for Band, J. Curnow
Rhapsody on the Minstrel Boy, Traditional
Caprice Diabolique, J. Spears
The Red Ballon, A. McGinty
On a Hymnsong of Robert Lowry, D. Holsinger
Danza Sonora, C. Smith

1997-Class CCC
McAdams Junior High
Wade McDonald, Director

The Light Eternal - James Swearingen
Crown of Thorns - Julie Giroux
Far East Fantasy - Robert Washburn
Concerto for 2 Oboes in d minor - Antonio Vivaldi/trans. John
First Light on the Chesapeake - James L. Hosay
National Fencibles March - John Phillip Sousa

1996 Submissions:
March of the Belgian Paratroopers - Pieter Leemans/Charles A.
Cajun Folk Songs - Frank Tichelli
Spoon River - Percy A. Grainger/G.C. Bainum

1998 Class C Honor Band
Crane Middle School
Daniel Todd, Director

Peacemaker March - K.L. King
Pevensey Castle - Robert Sheldon
Three Ayres from Gloucester - Hugh Stewart

Valley Forge March - K.L. King
The Lion of Lucerne - James Curnow
Deep River (Choral Prelude) - James Swearingen
Snakes! - Thomas Duffy
Thendara Overture - Maurice Whitney

1999 Class CC Honor Band
North Richland Middle School
Melodianne Mallow, Director

Tricycle, Boyson
Blue Mountain Saga, Bulla
Sweet Hour Of Prayer, Allen
Back Talk, Gibson, arr. Breuer
Orange Bowl, Fillmore, arr. Balent
Contrasto Grosso, deHaan

1998 Submission:  March Of The Belgium Paratroopers,
Variations On Scarborough Fair, Custer
Fortress, Ticheli

1999 Class CCC
Space Center Intermediate
Greg Dick, Director

1999 TMEA Concert
"Tis A Gift - Anne McGinty
A Childhood Hymn - David Holsinger
A Time To Dance - Julie Giroux
Dill Pickles - Green/Becker/Dick
A Longford Legend - Robert Sheldon
I.      A. Longford Legend
II.     Young Molly Bawn
III.    Killyburn Brae
Circus Days - King/Schissel

1998 Honor Band Submissions
Prestissimo - King
Mock Morris - Grainger/Simpson
Variations on a Theme by Robert Schuman - Jager

2003 Class CCC
Reed Middle School
Tammy Fedynich, Director

2003 TMEA Concert
Enigmatic Variations, "Ainissesthai" - Leroy Osmon
Accord - Fred J. Allen
Russian Saylor's Dance from the Red Poppy - Reinhold
Gliere/arr. Brian Beck
Le Basque - Marin Marais/arr. Brian Beck
The Journey of Yan Si Meng - Gabe Musella
Symbol of Honor - Ted Mesang/arr. Quincy C. Hilliard

2002 Honor Band Submissions
Circus Days - Karl King
Colonial Airs and Dances - Robert Jager
Variations on a Korean Folk Song - John Barnes Chance

2005-Class C
Argyle Middle School Red Band
Directors:  Chris Burk, Michael Lemish, Cindy Mikel

For the New Day Arisen - Steven Barton
Latin Folk Song Trilogy - William Himes
Pas Redouble for percussion ensemble - Saint-Saens/
Frackenpohl/ Lemish
Rites of Tamburo - Robert W. Smith
Von Grrrhart's 613th Regimental March - David Holsinger

2004 Honor Band submission
Newcastle March - Johnnie Vinson
Quintology - Richard Meyers
The Steppes of Russia - Elliot Del Borgo

2005 - Class CCC
Byrd Middle School
David Brandon, Director

Winter Dances - Brian Balmages
He's Gone Away - Fred J Allen
Marche from the opera Love for Three Oranges - Serge
Prokofiev/arr. Frank Erickson
A Song of Hope - James Swearingen
March of the Trolls - Edvard Grieg/arr. Brian Beck
Technicolor Pachyderms - Brian Beck

2004 Submissions:
Freitschutz Quickstep - Claudio Grafulla/arr. Tommy Fry
Suite Provencale - Jan Van der Roost
Summer Dances - Brian Balmages
Texas Sudler Recognitions
Sudler Flag-Outstanding
High School Bands

Alice HS Band
Bryce Taylor, Dir.
Alice, TX

Bell HS Band
Roger Winslow, Dir.
Hurst, TX

Georgetown HS Band
Robert Klett, Dir.
Georgetown, TX

Richardson HS Band
Scott Taylor, Dir.
Richardson, TX

Berkner HS Band
Robert Floyd, Dir.
Richardson, TX

Clear Lake HS Band
Richard Bass, Dir.
Houston, TX

J.J. Pearce HS Band
Tom Bennett, Dir.
Richardson, TX

Lake Highland HS Band
Malcolm Helm, Dir
Dallas, TX

Duncanville HS Band
Tom Shine, Dir.
Duncanville, TX

Coronado HS Band
Richard Lambert, Dir.
El Paso, TX

Robert E. Lee HS Band
Randy Stone, Dir.
Midland, TX

Clements HS Band
Larry Matysial, Dir
Sugar Land, TX

The Colony HS Band
Dick Clardy, Dir
The Colony, TX

Westfield HS Band
Philip Geiger, Dir.
Houston, TX

Spring HS Band
Bill Watson, Dir.
Spring, TX

Klein Forest HS Band
Paul J. Worosello, Dir.
Houston, TX

Langham Creek HS Band
Scott McAdow, Dor.
Houston, TX


Jack C. Hays HS Band
Gerald Babbit, Dir
Buda, TX

Westlake HS Band
Kerry Taylor, Dir
Austin, TX

J.J. Pearce HS Band
Peter Warshaw, Dir.
Richardson, Tx.

The Woodlands High School
Director-Brett Johnson

Allen High School Band
Directors - Anthony Gibson
and Charles Pennington
Allen, Tx.
Sudler Cup-Outstanding Middle School/Junior High

Mr. Don Black / Morehead Junior High / El Paso, Texas
Ms. Barbara Prentice / Gunn Junior High Band / Arlington, Texas
Ms. Marion West / Richardson North Jr. High / Richardson, Texas
Mr. Ben Walker / David Crokett Junior High / Odessa, Texas
Ms. Cheryl Floyd / Murchison Middle School / Austin, Texas
Ms. Ty Ann Payne / Westwood Junior High / Dallas, Texas
Mr. Wade McDonald / McAdams Middle School / Dickinson, Texas
Ms. Carol Walther / Wm. Adams Junior High / Alice, Texas
Mr. Bobby Brown / Hodges Bend Middle School / Houston, Texas
Mr. Benjamin Daves / DeSoto West Middle School / DeSoto, Texas
Ms. Cindy Bulloch / Nimitz Jr. High School / Odessa, Texas  
Mr. John Michael Benzer / The Colony Middle School / The Colony,
Mr. Gregory Dick/Space Center Intermediate/Clear Lake, Texas
Sudler Shield of Honor--
Outstanding High School Marching Bands
Duncanville HS -1998 - Tom Shine, Brian Merrill, Mike
Rowden, Jeff King

L.D. Bell High School-2004-Jeremy Earnhart, Chris Ferrell, John
Sudler Trophy-- Outstanding College Marching

2001 Texas A&M
1999 Texas Tech
1986 University of Texas (Austin)
Sudler Scroll--Outstanding Community Bands

1993 Austin Symphonic Band / Richard Floyd, Conductor
1995 (Arlington) Texas Wind Symphony / Ray Lichtenwalter,
1998 Corpus Christi Wind Symphony / Bryce Taylor, Conductor
2004 Houston Symphonic Band / Robert McElroy, Conductor
Texas National Parade Bands
Rose Bowl Parade Bands From Texas

Angleton High School
Directors:  Don Hood, Don West, and Tom Shine

Belton High School
Director: Richard Crain

Harlingen High School
Director: Allan Brumley

Round Rock High School
Directors: Richard Gibby, Dick Berkley, Joe Babcock

"Centennial Parade"
Duncanville High School
Directors:Tom Shine, Brian Merrill, Mike Rowden

Cooper HS Band (Abilene)
Directors: Jack Nall, Bob Anderson, Stephanie McCown.

DeSoto High School
Directors: Ross Grant, Mike Ryan, Mike Bullock, Mark Wessels

The Colony High School
Director: Dick Clardy

DeSoto High School
Directors: Ross Grant, Don Jackson, Willam Cherry, Greg Apple

Allen High School
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Bands from Texas

Angleton High School
Directors:  James Hejl, Donald Todd, and Terry Williams

Allen High School
Director: Craig Logan

Waxahachie High School
Directors: Benny Davis, Bryan Wright, Marty Kobuck, Amanda Terry
Britnney Compton, Angelyn Seppler

Cedar Hill High School
Director: Gary Sharp

Colleyville Heritage High School
Directors: Duane Minnick, Jennifer Vowles, and Chris Hayes
Orange Bowl Parade Bands from Texas

Forest Park High School
Bob Janecek, Director
Fiesta Bowl Parade Bands from Texas
Lancaster High School
Joe Dolkos, Director

Duncanville High School Band
Tom Shine, Brian Merrill, Jeff King, Mike Rowden, Directors
Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic and Convention
Performing Bands from Texas and Programs
1968-Brownsville High School
Robert B. Vezzetti, Director

La Gazza Ladra-Rossini/Cailliet
Miniature Set for Band-White
British Eighth March-Elliot
Ritmo Jondo-Surinach
Chorale and Toccata-Willis
Suite Concertante-Nelhybel
Cosaico de Mexico-Gates
Robinson's Grand Entry March-King

1976-Lake Highlands High School Midwest
Eddie Green, Director

Ballet Music, Prince Igor, mvt. 2, 3, 4, Borodin, Godfrey
Pines of Rome mvt. 1, 4, Respighi/Duker
Molly on the Shore, Grainger
Ye Banks and Braes O' Bonnie Doon, Grainger

1986, J. J. Pearce HS, Tom Bennet, Matthew McInturf, and Peter Warshaw,

Fanfare to "La Peri" - Dukas
Symphony for Band, mvmt II, Graphic Rondo - Downing
Irish Interlude - Barker
El Salon Mexico - Copland, trans. Hindsley
Testimonium - McGinty
The Dancing Sergeant - Dello Joio
Overture to "The Flying Dutchman" - Wagner, trans. McInturf
Intermezzo - Zdechlik
Chorale Prelude on a German Hymn Tune - Barnes
Molly on the Shore - Grainger
Barnum and Bailey's Favorite - King

1989 - Austin Symphonic Band
Richard Floyd, Music Director and Conductor

Prelude In The Dorian Mode - De Cabezon / Grainger/Brion-Brand
Korean Folk Rhapsody - James Curnow,
Americans We - Henry Fillmore
Concord Overture - Clare Grundman
Variants on a Medieval Tune - Norman Dello Joio
American Fanfare - John Wasson
Tangents for Brass, Percussion, and Concert Band - John Wasson
Unter Kaiser Fahnen - H Blankenburg / Jurrens
Rollo Takes a Walk - David Maslanka
Portrait of a Clown - Frank Ticheli

1991, J. J. Pearce HS, Matthew McInturf, Peter Warshaw, and Lynne
Jackson, Directors

Gavorkna Fanfare - Stamp
Gaian Visions - Ticheli
Concerto for Clarinet, mvmt II - Mozart, trans. Bardeen
clarinet solo - Patricia Pierce
Pavane pour une Infante defunte - Ravel, trans. Kimura
The Glory of the Yankee Navy - Sousa
Chester - Billings, arr. Swearingen
Down Longford Way - Grainger, trans. Osmon
Shepherd's Hey - Grainger
The Renaissance Faire - Margolis
Fantasia - Froberger, trans. Schaeffer
They Led My Lord Away - Gordon, arr. Allen
Eine Kleine Posaunenmusik - Schuller
trombone soloist - Christian Lindberg
March from Symphonic Metamorphosis - Hindemith, trans. Wilson

1992-Duncanville HS Wind Ensemble
Tom Shine/Brian Merrill conductors

Resonances I - Ron Nelson
Profanation - Leonard Bernstein/Bencriscutto
Bring a Torch, Jeannette Isabella- Fagan
Hands Across the Sea - Sousa
Golden Light - David Maslanka
When the Stars Began to Fall - Fred Allen
Overture on a Summer is a Comin' In - Custer
Rhapsody on the Minstrel Boy - Farnon/Smith
Bells and Whistles - Lowry
I Am - Boysen
Postcard - Frank Ticheli

1992 - Westfield High School
Philip Geiger, Director

Overture to "Candide" - Bernstein/Beeler
Shepherd's Song - arr. Curnow
Washington Grays March - Grafulla/Reeves
Synchronism No. 1 - McGinty
Trois Pieces Breves, I. Allegro - Ibert
Westchester Marcher - Swearingen
Sea Songs - Knox
Dill Pickles - Johnson
McMorran Suite, The, Mill, Mill-O and the Shepherd and His Wife - Kopetz
Solo de Concours - Messager/Snavely
Consider the Uncommon Man - Holsinger
Molly on the Shore - Grainger

1994-The Colony High School Wind Symphony
Dick Clardy, Duane Minnick-Directors

Moravian Hymn Dance     Allen   
Dance of the Southern Lights    Richards, E     
Fourth Symphony for Band    Reed, Alfred    
A Passing Fantasy   Tull
Stormworks  Melillo, Stephen    
Irish Tune from County Derry    Grainger / Rogers   
Boquets     Mailman     
Clouds  McGinty, Anne
Semper Fidelis  Sousa, John     
Light Cavalry Overture  Von Suppe / Williams

1995-League City Intermediate Symphonic Band, Laing Middle School Symphonic
Trent Cooper, Evyann Fariss, Miller Asbill, DeAnna Wyatt-Conductors

Denali   Williams, Mark  
March to the Big Top    Williams, Mark  
Military Escort     Fillmore, Henry / Fennell, Frederick    
Wooden Whirl    Frackenpohl, Arthur     
Brother James' Air    Bain, James / Wagner, Douglas   
Reflections - Return to Rundarne    Grieg, Edvard / Patterson, Merlin
The Trombone King    King, Karl  
Variation on an African Hymnsong    Hilliard, Quincy    
Cumberland Cross    Strommen    
Voices from the Battlefield     Sheldon, Robert     
Cumberland Overture     Alberty     
Under Three Flags    Curnow, James   
Gopak    Moussorgsky / Balent    
They Led My Lord Away     Gordon / Allen  
A Festival Prelude    Reed, Alfred    
Carnival of Venice    Staigers, D     
Pirates     Akey, Douglas

1996-Hodges Bend Middle School Band
Iris Gonzalez, Conductor
Keith Sacane, Associate Conductor
Nick Nicholson, Associate Conductor

The Thunderer      John Philip Sousa
Clarinet Rhapsody    Mike Hannickel
Choral prelude: Abide With Me     Fred Allen
A Day At the Zoo    James Curnow
"Ye Banks and Braes O'Bonnie Doon"    Percy A. Grainger
Tejas: The Journey     John Wasson
featuring the Dallas Brass
commissioned for Mid-West by Hodges Bend M.S.
Variations on a korean Folk Song      John Barnes Chance

1996 - Westfield High School
Philip Geiger, Director

March, Opus 99 - Sergei Prokofieff/arr. Paul Yoder
The Black Knight - Clare Grundman
Purple Pageant - Karl L. King/arr. John Paynter
Flight of the Bumblebee - Nicholas Rimsky-Korsakov/arr. Himie Voxman
Shaker Variants - Elliot Del Borgo
The Calypso Kid - John O'Reilly
Chimes of Liberty - Edwin Franko Goldman/arr. Calvin Custer
Into the Unknown - Mark Higginbotham
Tuqa Gloria Emmeles - Leroy Osmon
Praise Variants - Charles Carter
Concertino for Marimba - Neil DePonte
Polovetsian Dances, Mvt. I, Dance of the Young Polovetsian Maidens - Alexander Borodin/arr Mark Hindsley
Love Scene from Lo Boheme - Giacomo Puccini/arr. Merlin Patterson
Shepherd's Hey - Percy Grainger/arr. Mark Rogers

1997-Macario Garcia Middle School
James Drew, Conductor
Vicki Glenn, Associate Conductor
Carol McMullen, Associate Conductor

Sound Off!  march        J.P Sousa
Tricycle        A Boysen, Jr.
Ere the World Began to Be    J. Stamp
DeerPath Dances      D. Holsinger
David's Lyre     L. Osmon
Revenge of the Darkseekers!    S. Melillo
Moto Perpetuo, Op 11       N. Pagannini   arr. Nick Nicholson
The Flight of the Bumble Bee   N. Rimsky-Korsakov   arr. A. Davis
Robert Spring, clarinet soloist
Upon These Grounds    J. Tatgenhorst

1997 - Austin Symphonic Band
Richard Floyd, Music Director and Conductor

Continental Overture - Johan de Meij
Whatsoever Things... - Mark Camphouse
Bartok Suite - Bela Bartok/Larry Clark
Cajun Folk Songs II - Frank Ticheli
All Pleasant Things - James Barnes
The Fairest of the Fair - J. P. Sousa/Frederick Fennell
Symphony on Themes of John Philip Sousa - Ira Hearshen
- III. Fairest of the Fair
Cradlesong - Steven Barton
Estrellita - Ponce/Patrick Sheridan
Czardas - Monti/Patrick Sheridan
Renaissance Fair - Bob Margolis
Divertimento For Band - Leonard Bernstein/Clare Grundman
- VIII. March "The BSO Forever"

1997-Lewisville High School Wind Symphony
Brad Kent, Michael Brown and Becca Hargis, Directors

Fugue a la Gigue    Bach, Johann / Holst, Gustav    
Blue Shades     Ticheli, Frank
Romanza Semplice    Allen, Fred     
Sonata for Marimba  Tanner, Peter / Boyd, John  
La Volta    Byrd, William / Fenske, Katheryn    
Dance of the Jesters    Tchaikovsky, P / Cramer, R  
Three Preludes  Bruckner / Broege
Suite Divertimento  Gilbert     
Australian Up-Country Tune  Grainger / Bainum
The Circus Bee  Fillmore, Henry

1998-The Colony High School Wind Symphony
Dick Clardy, Director

Colonial Song   Grainger / Rogers   
Plaza del Toros     Williams, Mark  
Morceau Symphonique     Guilmant, Alexandre / Shepard, W    
Three London Miniatures     Camphouse, Mark
Beyond the Wind     Williams, Mark  
Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral  Wagner / Patterson, M   
Prairie Songs   LaPlante, Pierre    
Pacific Celebration Suite   Nixon, Roger
Danza Final     Ginastera, A / John, D  
The Conqueror   Teike, C / Laurendeau, L    
Symphonic Concert March     Bonelli, G / Falcone, N     
Galactic Empires    Gillingham, D   
In the Bleak Midwinter  Holst, G / Bullock, J   
Laboring Songs  Welcher, D

1998-Dulles Middle School Band
Lisa Drew,  Conductor
Joe Pruitt, Associate Conductor

His Honor       Henry Fillmore
In A French Garden    Richard Meyer
Nola   Felix Arndt/ arr. patrick Sheridan
Hot Canary    Parl Nero/  arr. Patrick Sheridan
Patrick Sheridan, tuba soloist
Circles of Stones      Anee McGinty
American Riversongs  Pierre la Plante
March 104    Leroy Osmon
Hora Staccatto    Dinicu-Heifetz/ arr. G.G. Buitenhuis
Be Thou My vision       Bryan Kidd
Prarie Dances    David Holsinger

1999 - Spring High School
Tom Bennett, Director

Marche Joyeuse - E. Chabrier/F. Junkin
Christmas in the Netherlands, Mvts. II and III - Traditional Dutch/Leroy Osmon
A Grainger Set
Walking Tune - P. Grainger/L.D. Daehn
Country Gardens - P. Grainger/J.P. Sousa
Danzas Fantasicas, Op. 22 - J. Turina/J. Boyd
I.      Exaltacion Espanola
III.    Orgia
Carmen Fantaisie - G. Bizet/F. Borne
Old English Suite - Michael Short
I.      The WraggleTaggle Gypsies, O!
II.     Lavender's Blue
III.    Dashing Away With the Smoothing Iron
Terpsichore - Bob Margolis
III     Fast
IV.     Light and Lively
Solid Men to the Front - J.P. Sousa/F. Byrne
Mosaics - T. Kramer
Rhosymedre - R.V. Williams/W. Beeler
Southern Harmony - Donald Grantham
I.      The Midnight Cry
II.     Wondrous Love
III.    Exhilaration
IV.     The Soldier's Return
The Melody Shop - K. King/ A. Glover

1999-LD Bell Symphonic Band
Joseph Grzybowski, Director

Prayer of Saint Gregory     Hovhaness, A
New Century Dawn    Gillingham, D   
Concerto in C Major for Piccolo and Band    Vivaldi, A / Reed, Alfred
Ku-Ka-Llimoku   Rouse, C    
African Festival    Hilliard, Q / Elledge, C    
Circus Days Galop   King, Karl  
Early Light     Bremer  
Vesuvius    Ticheli, Frank  
Fugue in B Flat Major   Bach / Daehn, L     
A Quiet Place to Think  Mahr, T

2000-Langham Creek HS
Scott McAdow, Director

Rocky Point Holiday, Ron Nelson
Phantom Ship, Elliot Del Borgo
King Cotton, JP Sousa (Bill Quillen, Guest Conductor)
Lincoln Portrait, Copland/trans. W. Beeler
Prelude and Dance (Akdam ve Reekood), Leroy Osmon (Chris Batchelor,
Guest Conductor)
The Sorcerer's Apprentice, P. Dukas/Trans. Hindsley
Angel Band, W.S. Hartley (Eugene Miliaro Corporon, Guest Conductor)
Danny Boy, J. Flummerfelt/ trans. Karen Wylie (saxophone quartet)
Toccata, J. Buckley (saxophone quartet)
English Waltz from "Youthful Suite", Grainger (Tom Bennett, Guest
Meditation from "Thais", J. Massenet/ trans. A.A. Harding
A Slavic Farewell, V.I. Agapkin/ ed J.R. Burgeois

2000-Berkner Symphonic Band
Michael Brashear, Director

Ancient Moon    Del Borgo, Elliott
Buckaroo Holiday    Copland, Aaron  
Concertino for Clarinet and Band    Barker, W   
Pavane Op 50    Faure, G / Clark, L     
Spumante    Welcher, D / Bissell, P
An American Elegy   Ticheli, Frank  
Country Band March  Ives / Sinclair

2001-Plano East Senior High Wind Ensemble
Jerry Thomas, Evelio Villareal- Directors

Coventry Carol  DelBorgo, Elliott   
The Circus Bee  Fillmore, Henry     
Timepiece   McTee, Cindy    
Of Hopes and Dreams     Wasson, John    
With Heart and Voice    Gillingham, David   
Song and Dance  Carvalho, Urban     
Festive Overture    Shostakovitch / Hunsberger  
The Star Spangled Banner - A Love Song to our Country   Key, F / Stamp,
Voluntary on Old 100th  Purcell, Henry / Curnow, James  
Down Longford Way   Grainger / Osmon
A Childs Embrace    Young, Charles

2001-Lake Highlands
Directors: Marion West, Ramsey MacDonald

Kirkpatrick Fanfare     Boysen, Andrew
Prelude from Ballet Suite No 4  Shostakovich, Dmitri / Blankenship,
Dia de Los Muertos  Osmon, Leroy    
Variants on the Air Force Hymn  Jager, Robert   
Comets in Winter Sky    McCarthy, Daniel    
Symphonie Fantastique, Op 14    Berlioz, Hector / Rogers, R
The Old Sore Head   Fucik, Julius / Rogers, Mark    
Slumber My Darling  Foster, Stephen / Windham, William
Glory of the Yankee Navy    Sousa, J
Stars Asleep, The Break of Day  Margolis    
American Overture for Band  Jenkins, J  
Emblems     Copland, Aaron

2002-First Colony Middle School Honors Band
Bethann Adams, Director
Evyann Fariss, David Lambert, Richard Crain, conductors

Blazon     Curnow, James
Pablo!      Meyer, Richard
The Wexford Carol     McGinty, Anne
Shenandoah Tryptych      Balmages, Brian
The Eternal Pursuit    Nitsch, Jason
Beyond the Horizon    Ricketts, Ted
Variations on a Theme by Robert Schumann    Davis, William
Down In Some Lonesome Valley     Arr. Wagner, Douglas
Peacemaker    King, Karl

2002-Holliday High School Wind Ensemble
Stan Mauldin, Director
Mike Ary, Larry Archambo, Richard Crain, conductors

Upon These Wings    Shaffer, David
Lullaby    Sharp, Chris
Valdres   Hannssen, Johannes/Bainum, Glenn
Wilson Suite II. In a Gentle Rain   Smith, Robert W
Symphonic Movement   Nelhybel, Vaclav
Norwegian Legend    Grieg, Edward/Forsblad, Leland
He’s Gone Away   Allen, Fred
Mysterian Landscapes III. Dempster Street  Broege, Timothy
Loch Lomond   Ticheli, Frank
Holliday Festival Overture   Osmon, Leroy

2002-Westlake High School Wind Ensemble
Kerry Taylor, Director
Randall Brownlee, Glenn Fugett, Thomas Lee, Jerry Junkin, conductors

Whirr, Whirr, Whirr!!!   Hultgren, Ralph
Hungarian Dance No. 6   Brahms, Johannes/Price, SJ
Dance of the Jester    Molter, Tom
River Valley Suite  I. The River, III. The War, IV. The People, V. The River   Booker, Charles
All is Calm    Smith, Robert W
Don’t You See   Grantham, Donald
Napoli    Bellstedt, Herman
Revelation March   Chambers, Paris/Bourgeois, John
Chesapeake Serenade   Balmages, Brian
Aegean Festival   Makris, Andreas/Bader, Albert

2003-The Woodlands High School Wind Ensemble
Matthew McInturf, Richard Crain, Orville Kelley, Harry Begian

Rolling Thunder     Fillmore, Henry / Fennell, Frederick    
Jocuri Poporale Romanesti   Bartok, Bela / Goto, v  
Woodland Serenade and Rondo     McMichael, Catherine    
Promenado   Stanhope, David     
Andante Tranquillo from Three Studies in English Folk Song  Vaughn,
Ralph / Harbinson, William  
Hebrew Rhapsody     Osmon, Leroy    
Old Churches    Colgrass, Michael   
Polovetsian Dances  Borodin, Alexander / Hindsley, Mark
The Star Spangled Banner    Stamp

2003-Flower Mound High School Wind Symphony
Mike Brown, Rob Myers, Darla Turner, Kevin Sedatole, Michael Haithcock, Conductors

Chant Funeraire     Faure, Gabriel / Moss, Myron    
Honey Boys on Parade    Cupero, Edward / Bourgeois, John    
Molly on the Shore  Grainger, Percy / Clark, Larry  
Australian Up- Country Tune     Grainger, Percy / Bainum, Glenn
Blue Bells of Scottland     Pryor, Arthur / Pearson, E  
Teedle Dinktum Dinktum Day! from American Sketches  Kopetz, Barry   
J'ai'ete au bal     Grantham, Donald    
Once Upon a December    Ahrens, Lynn / Flaherty, Stephen / Story, Mike  
Freischutz Quickstep    Grafulla, Claudio / Fry, Tommy  
Sound the Bells     Williams, V / Lavender, Paul    
In Endless Song     Lowery, John / Wagner, Douglas

2003-Harlingen High School Jazz Ensemble Jazz Ensemble
Ronnie Rios, Director

Magic Flea                      Sammy Nestico
Poet                               Mike Loveless
(In Memory of Don Ellis)
Take The “A” Train        Billy Strayhorn/Michael Sweeney
Dizzy Atmosphere          Dizzy Gillespie/Gregory Yasinitsky
Midwest Fest                  Antonio Garcia
Matt Marantz, guest soloist
La Vida Es Un Carnival  Victor Daniel/arr. Gabriel Musella
Matt Mattox                          Matt Harris
Layover In San Juan        Gene Thorne
Matt Marantz, guest soloist

2004 - Cypress Falls High School Symphonic Band
Frank Troyka, Director

Neues vom Tage (News of the Day) Overture, by Paul Hindemith, trans. R. Mark Rogers
Images Of Ireland, arr. Brian Balmages
Sieben Tage (Seven Days) Mvts: I, III, VII, by Klaus-Peter Bruchmann
At The Movies, Mvt. I: The Serenaders, by John Philip Sousa, ed. R. Mark Rogers
The King's Feast, Mvt I, arr. by Kenneth Singleton
William Byrd Portrait, Mvt I, arr. Johnnie Vinson
The Beethoven Machine, by Michael Colgrass
Three Dorset Songs, Mvt. II, by Ralph Vaughan Williams, arr. Douglas Stotter
Royal Parade, by Darren W. Jenkins
American Anthem, by John Gibson
The Boys Of The Old Brigade  March, by W. Paris Chambers, ed. Claude T. Smith